"Our large plates"

Farandole of goat milk cheese on salad : Green salad with fried lardoons and pine seeds, slice of bread with fresh goat cheese, honey toast, tomatoes : 14.50 €

Country salad : Green salad - raw vegetables - fried lardoons - fried egg on a slice of seeds bread - hard-boiled egg : 13.50€

Crumbs of duck confit butter-pudding prepared with chestnut flour with its slice of goat milk cheese from Annabelle Raynaud’s farm, served with green salad, pine seeds, walnuts fragment, duck breast : 16.50€

Special salad : Green salad, gizzards, lardoons, duck breast : 19.50 €

All-earth plate : Small cassoulet with preserved duck wing, slices of Morteau sausage and salted chitterling sausage, home made foie gras, pot of mushrooms and cream: 21.50 €

All-sea plate : Back of cod grilled on one side only, pot of shrimps and variegated scallops marinated with ginger and dill, shrimps, rosette of smoked salmon, anchovy butter and Wakamé seaweed toast : 21.50 €