"Dessert trolley"

All our desserts, including sorbets and ice creams, are homemade from fresh ingredients.
Our desserts are exquisitely presented, providing a visual and gastronomic delight.

Dessert trolley
(Menus 42€ and 54.50€)
Please ask your dessert at the beginning of your meal

Large Valrhona chocolate platter
(Half cooked chocolate cake, White choco sauce and crisp pearls,
Chocolate ice cream and coco beans roasted and crushed)

Thin Limousin Golden apple tart, gingerbread ice cream,
salted caramel sauce

Gratin of season fruits, Tahiti vanilla

Brioche French toast, apple sorbet, caramel sauce

Home made Sorbets or Ice cream in tulip-shaped biscuits
(3 flavours)
vanilla, coffee, chocolate, praline, pistachio, rum raisins
black currant, raspberry, pear, lemon, strawberry, passion fruit

Gourmet coffee
(4 home made desserts served with coffee)