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"A la Carte"

To satisfy both the modest appetite or a culinary curiosity.

Menu à la carte

Market salad (Green salald - raw vegetables - fried lardoons - soft-boiled egg - duck wing) 12.50€
Crumbs of duck confit butter-pudding with its slice of goat milk cheese from Annabelle Raynaud’s farm 12.90€
Home made foie gras 15.50€
Duck "ballottine" (stuffed and rolled) with flakes of morel mushrooms 13.50€
Pot of vegetables, smoked salt crumble 13.50€
Salad of shredded heart of smoked salmon, avocado mousse, marinated shrimps  15.50€
See the salads on the market menu page  
Fillet of halibut, orange sauce 19.50€
Poached salmon slice, leek sauce on a bed of chinese cabbage 16.00€
Crispy cake of Jade farm’s snails and thinly-sliced beef cheeks, brown sauce 16.00€
Snails from Burgundy (large size) 14.00€
Stewed lamb in garlic sauce 18.00€
Sirloin of Limousin beef maître d’hôtel butter 19.00€
Prime fillet of Limousin beef maître d’hôtel butter 21.50€
Prime fillet of Limousin beef, pan fried duck escalope of foie gras 25.00€
Entrecôte (beef ribsteak) maître d’hôtel butter 24.00€
Calf sweetbread in chanterelle mushrooms sauce 25.00€


Dessert trolley

Cheese board 7.80€
Salad with warm goat cheese from Mme Raynaud farm 7.50€
Fresh cream cheese 5.90€
Chestnut cream charlotte with speculos 7.50€
Walnut crème brûlée 6.50€
Half cooked chocolate cake, hazelnut heart, apricot marmalade 8.50€
Limousin apple tartlet, vanilla ice cream and honey cream 8.50€
Gratin of season fruits 8.50€
Brioche french toast, apple sorbet, caramel sauce 8.50€
Pear Bourdaloue tartlet prepared in a new way 7.50€
Home made Sorbets or Ice cream in tulip-shaped biscuits
(3 flavours) vanilla, coffee, chocolate, praline, pistachio
black currant, raspberry, pear, lemon, strawberry, passion fruit
Home made Ice cream (2 flavours)
(vanilla, coffee, chocolate, praline, pistachio)
Home made sorbet (2 flavours)
(black currant, raspberry, pear, lemon, strawberry, passion fruit)
Gourmet coffee (5 home made desserts served with coffee) 8.50€

All our desserts, including sorbets and ice creams, are homemade from fresh ingredients.