"Market menu"

Served on weekdays, with starter and a special main course which changes daily.
For children, the same menu can be served at a reduced rate to introduce them to the taste of fresh home cooking.

Starter + main course Or main course + dessert : 13.20 €
Starter + main course + dessert : 16.50€

Only served at lunch times (exepted on Sunday and public Holiday)

For children - 12 years : 13.80 €
Or without Starter : 11.70 €

Market menu

A medley of melon served with red fruits,
grated Parmesan cheese and ham

Or Today’s special

Fried beefsteak and french chips
Or Today’s special

Cottage cheese
Or Fresh fruit basket
Or Red fruits tiramisu
Or Home made ice cream or sorbet

Also, our large plates (served every day)

Farandole of goat milk cheese on salad: 13.50 €

Special salad : 17.90€
salad of gizzards, duck breast, home made foie gras

Land and sea burger, chips and salad: 16.50€
(with tuna and vegetables)