"Market menu"

Served on weekdays, with starter and a special main course which changes daily.
For children, the same menu can be served at a reduced rate to introduce them to the taste of fresh home cooking.

Starter + main course Or main course + dessert : 13.20 €
Starter + main course + dessert : 16.50€

Only served at lunch times (exepted on Sunday and public Holiday)

For children - 12 years : 13.80 €
Or without Starter : 11.70 €

Market menu

Fried eggs, mushroom sauce
Or Today’s special

Fried beefsteak and french chips
Or Today’s special

Cottage cheese
Or Fresh fruit basket
Or Coconut milk cream in a glass, exotic stewed
Or Home made ice cream or sorbet

Also, our large plates (served every day)

Farandole of goat milk cheese on salad: 12.90 €
(Slice of goat milk cheese on toast, goat cheese wrapped with bacon)

Special salad : 16.50€
salad of gizzards, duck breast, home made foie gras

Toasted bread on salad perfumed with garlic: 14.90 €
(potatoes and goat cheese with herbs cream, smoked loin of pork)