Beautiful stone

The little road opposite the hotel will lead you to it...

This is a large circular granite basin, over 5 m in diameter and of a weight estimated at 25 t.

In 1963, it was carried to La Roche one km from Bessines. At the beginning, this enormous rock which was carved on site by a left-handed man (as the grooves show) was maybe intended to be the basin for a few fountains. Young women in search of a husband used to go there on a pilgrimage to walk around the rim seven times. This stone is leaning.

The legend tells us why : "6 fairies would carry this monolith ; 3 of them turned to the Blessed Virgin to obtain her help while the other three didn’t. Their impiety was soon punished because at the moment when their combined efforts lifted it, the first three fairies easily stood up, but the other three were squashed as the cup fell and it stayed leaning”.

 Coordinates GPS :
 - Latitude : 46.1022358352694 N
 - longitude : 1.36507272720337 E


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